Try this Bubble Soccer Game!

Bubble Soccer—a new trend of sport that suitable for adults and kids.

Have you ever been fed up with watching football match on TV? Have you ever felt sorry for some missing shoots and wished you were in the match to shoot for goals? No matter you are a football lover or a sports enthusiast,or even you rarely exercise, as long as you want a breakthrough in traditional football match, as long as you want to try to be a football player, you can contact us with our products—bubble soccer, which can give you a special and unforgettable experience that you can never get in the traditional football games.

Not like the traditional football, there are no specific demands on players when compared to traditional football. Players do not need to have excellent physical ability and skills. Anyone who is in good physical conditions can play this game. It is likely that most of us can not imagine what it’s bubble soccer like. Does it really a big bubble that enbrace the player? The answer is yes–each player wears a plastic bubble from thigh to head approximately five feet in diameter. The players’ hands are fixed in specific position inside the Bubble Football and only their legs outside. So they are unable to balance themselves easily. Players run towards opponents at full speed, try to knock each other out by bouncing into one another to get possession of the ball, but they rarely get hurt, they just kind of roll over. How interesting it is! Everyone is safe, because they’re inside a bubble, which can protect them from being hurt. And this is what the fun the game has, it’s frantic and violent, but not dangerous, so the kids can also play.

Bubble soccer is becoming a worldwide popular game. There’s no exact limitation for the players, both adults and children can play. If you’ve already been tired of the games that you’ve played and wanted to experience some interesting and special games , you should Try this Bubble Soccer Game! This game is particularly awesome for company team-building, parties and especially as an icebreaker at corporate retreats as it makes everyone laughing and vents tensions in a positive and enjoyable way.

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