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The difference between bubble soccer and zorb ball, zorb ball and water walking ball

Inflatable products are becoming more and more popular as the time goes by. People tend to get to know about the very existence and benefit of inflatable products. Inflatable products are known for their favorable price, durable function, practical usage, space saving character, easy to store and functions of variety. Most importantly, that kind of material is capable of being made for various interesting and exciting entertainment equipment. It is pretty much a progress of civilization. Even though inflatable products are getting popular, it does not mean people understand perfectly well about inflatable products. There still be a few confusions for them, since some of those products look pretty alike and they do not know how to tell a difference. And today is going to explain the difference between bubble soccer and zorb ball, zorb ball and water walking ball, which are the most common confusions.

Bubble football or bubble soccer is the recreation or sport of playing football whilst encased in an inflated torus, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper-body and head. The game is usually played indoors in a sports hall, or outdoors on grass or AstroTurf. The sport is becoming increasingly popular, with many people all over the world taking it up. Bubble soccer can be played by anyone over the age of 10 and is often played amongst friends, for corporate team building days, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthdays. There are also many variations of bubble football, with scenarios such as bubble bowling or bubble sumo also taking place at bubble soccer venues. Some venues can be rented-out, and bubble football companies exist which set up events at other location.

Zobing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. Zorbing is generally performed on a gentle slope, but can also be done on a level surface, permitting more rider control. In the absence of hills some operators have constructed inflatable, wooden, or metal ramps. Due to the buoyant nature of the orbs, Zorbing can also be carried out on water, provided the orb is inflated properly and sealed once the rider is inside.

A water ball or water walking ball is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person inside it to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually two metres in diameter and has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit. The water ball is similar to the zorb, but it has only one layer and is designed for water travel rather than down-hill rolling. In the United Kingdom, the balls have been used at swimming pools, marinas and lakes in an effort to keep children fit.

Based on the above definition of bubble soccer, zorb ball and water walking ball, you must be having a informal concept of them. Now here some detail difference of those three ball.

  1. Bubble soccer only covers the upper body of player with his legs sticking out, while zorb ball and water walking ball is way much bigger and cover the whole human being.
  2. Bubble soccer is for bumping against each other to enjoy the pleasure, while zorb ball is for rolling down the hill and water walking ball is for walking on the water
  3. Both bubble soccer and water walking ball have only one layer, while zorb ball has more than one layer
  4. Both bubble soccer and zorb ball are for land playing, while water walking ball is for water walking
  5. Zorb ball is bigger than water walking ball

Now, it is pretty clear, right?

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