Play Unique Twist to Football

Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly game of soccer or football over the holidays or on a beautiful weekend at the park? While individuals can enjoy a wide variety of options such as disc golf, Frisbee or tag football there is something more fun and exciting when you play with a ball that is twice your size.

Bubble soccer is a favorite pastime and involves players encased in large bubble balls with handles and a large soccer ball to be bounced and moved on the field. Individuals are surrounded by the bubble balls from approximately the waist up with shoulder straps and handles so they can safely and effectively control the unit. Buyers can purchase these balls in a wide range of different colors and designs making it easier to create and identify teams.

There is even a special goal that you can order along with the other pieces of equipment so all you need is a wide open space to play on.

The game of bubble football started off as a joke but has quickly sparked a firestorm on the Internet and across multiple countries. It is a great way of exercising and playing a sport at the same time and all players need is their own ball and a good pair of sneakers. You can modify the game several different ways or check out the zorbing inventory which is where the individual is entirely encased in the ball. This allows people to roll down hills or play a speed race similar to how a hamster operates in their spinning ball.

If your goal is to have fun with a group of friends and do something different then you have nothing to lose in checking out websites that specialize in bubble soccer or football as it is called.

You can place your order, wait for the equipment to arrive and then take everything out to the field of your choice to set up and play. The spectators on the sidelines need to be the most careful because getting used to how and what you can move in the ball is a bit of a challenge but makes for hilarious home videos.

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