Exercise with Olympic 2016

Recently, newspaper is all about Olympic in Rio. People talk about their favorite sports or athletes constantly. The 2016 Summer Olympics officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad and commonly known as Rio 2016, is a major international multi-sport event in the tradition of the Olympic Games as governed by the International Olympic Committee, being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Opening rounds in certain events began on 3 August 2016 — two days before the opening ceremony—and the Games is formally running from 5 August to 21 August 2016. More than 11,000 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees (NOCs), including first time entrants Kosovo and South Sudan, are taking part. With 306 sets of medals, the games features 28 Olympic sports, including rugby sevens and golf, which were added by the International Olympic Committee in 2009. These sporting events are taking place at 33 venues in the host city as well as at five venues in the cities of São Paulo (Brazil’s largest city), Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasília (Brazil’s capital), and Manaus. These are the first Summer Olympic Games under the IOC presidency of Thomas Bach. The host city of Rio de Janeiro was announced at the 121st IOC Session held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 2 October 2009. Rio became the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics. These are the first games to be held in a Portuguese-speaking country, the first to be held entirely during the winter (the 2000 games began on 15 September but continued past the spring equinox), the first since 1968 to be held in Latin America, and the first since 2000 (and third overall) to be held in the Southern Hemisphere.

For ordinary people, they do not have the luxury to go to the splendid sport event to display their sport skill to professional referees and win the trophy they deserve. But life is not all about trophy or glory but actually about the true spirit of sport, which is hardworking, persistence, optimism and simplicity. There are lots of choices of sport people can do at home or with your friends to exercise with Olympic 2016. If you enjoy some sports on the ground, there will be zorb ball and bubble soccer (if you want to try some new and fun sport), basketball, tennis, and inflatable tent for camping. And if you enjoy water sports more, there will be inflatable swimming pool (if you do not own a pool) for swimming, running, water walking ball, water blob, inflatable flying fish (also known as inflatable banana boat) dragged by a water motorcycle, surfing, mountain climbing and water trampoline. And if you prefer quiet and less effort sport, fishing and walking are perfect for you. Right now, Olympic in Rio is now swimming time. If you do not own a pool, inflatable swimming pool is prefect for you, in the meantime, children or adult can play water walking ball on the water if it is big enough. If you want to play at the bigger field with your friends and try out some excited and new sport, water blobbing is highly recommended. Of course, someone who fail to swim is required to wear life jacket. It is a sport which requires at least one person sit on the other end of water blob, and others jump from a high ladder and land on the water blob and being bounced into the ocean.

There are still lots of fun sports fail to mention here. The point is that people can always do some sports with their friends or family to live on the spirit of sport, and most importantly, to get healthy and get the positive idea of life.

Finding joy admits sorrow

Before Typhoon Nida came, government had warmed everybody to take it very seriously. It was said that Typhoon Nida was the strongest typhoon for the past few years. And its ability of destruction would be tremendous. Everybody was frightened and panic by the serious warning. Some of them even swept through the supermarket, which almost likes the end of the world. For me, even though I hated to admit that I did not like to follow others, I was still scared of the unknown damage Typhoon Nida would bring and bought some bottles of water and snacks symbolically. And the group chat of my company had exploded, everybody was talking about whether our company take the days off or not after seeing the news of the government’s recommendation of having a day off when the typhoon came. At the end of the day, our company finally agreed to let us to take the day off for the safety concern.

On 2nd August, Typhoon Nida swept through Hong Kong shutting down most of the financial hub and disrupting hundreds of flights with gale-force winds, while low-lying areas were put on flood alert. Hong Kong’s first major typhoon this year brought gusts of more than 100 km per hour (62 mph) and prompted authorities to issue an amber warning, signifying heavy rain, at 5.20 a.m. Hong Kong time. More than 150 flights were canceled, the Airport Authority said, with Cathay Pacific and Dragonair warning none of their flights would be operating until 2 p.m. at the earliest.

Thousands of passengers were stranded at the airport and about 325 flights are expected to be rescheduled. The city’s ferry, tram and bus services gradually resumed in the afternoon after the Hong Kong Observatory lowered the tropical cyclone warning to 3 from 8, shortly after midday. Trading in Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx), including Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect trading, and the derivatives market, would be suspended for the rest of the day. The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society suspended trading on Tuesday morning. Streets had been largely deserted and shops shuttered since Monday evening when the typhoon signal 8 was hoisted, prompting many people to leave work early. Nida was moving inland and winds near its center had showed signs of weakening, the Hong Kong Observatory said. Across the border, part of Guangdong province closed offices, factories and schools as the typhoon swept across the southern part of the metropolis of Guangzhou. Airports in the southern part of the province, including Shenzhen and Zhuhai, canceled most flights while more than 35,000 people were evacuated, state media reported.

That day, we stayed at home and prepared for the arrival of Typhoon Nida. Well, however, nothing happened, our weather guy was wrong, Nida did not swept through Guangdong as expected, instead, she went right past us and went to Foshan directly. Nonetheless, we did encounter a serious rainstorm after Nida. Some places were even flooded. That day was a huge impression because I remembered seeing one guy playing on the flood, yep, you heard me, playing on the flood. He was inside a giant inflatable and transparent ball and walking inside it. And he was really having fun even facing the disaster. Is it sick for me that I found it very fun and wanted to play with him? Well, I think disaster has already come even you are sad. So why not try to embrace it? I won’t tell you that I googled the giant inflatable ball and it is called water walking ball. I find it really fun when you can play inside it without getting wet. And I won’t tell you that I have already added water walking ball to my must-have list.

Zorbing, your next bucket list item!!

A human Hamster ball also known as a Zorb is used in adventure sports for recreation by sport enthusiasts. A basic hamster ball is made of hard plastic and is a device which is used for exercise by hamsters or other rodents.

Developing on this idea a human hamster ball was built, called a Zorb. A zorb is a double-layered sphere, with one ball inside the other. The inner ball houses the rider while the outer ball protects the individual against bumps and acts as a shock-absorber for the rider. Orbs are light-weight and made of flexible plastic. A typical orb is about 3 meters in height with an air cushion of a diameter of 20-24 inches.

Zorbing is used in recreation by sport enthusiasts, it mainly consists of a giant plastic ball which is pushed downhill. The plastic ball consists of a single rider. Zorbing is generally done on a gentle slope, or can even be done on a flat surface to permit more user control. In places, where there are no incline present sloped ramps may be used. It is dangerous to perform this activity on steep inclines because the zorb may spiral out of control.

Zorbing can also be done on water, provided the zorb is sealed once the rider is inside.

There are two types of human hamster balls: One made for land and the other made to zorb over water.

A water ball or water walking ball is a large inflatable plastic sphere, that allows a person to walk across the surface of a body of water. The giant ball is usually 2 meters in diameter and has a zipped entrance, wherein the person may enter or exit. It differs from a zorb as it does not have two layers of plastic, but is made up of a single layer of plastic, and is designed for water travel rather than down-hill rolling. It is quite popular in the UK, and is used to keep the children fit.

Human Hamster balls are available only with select retailers. This is because zorbing is an extreme form of recreation and firms selling these balls do not want to be responsible for any injury resulting from this sport.

The highest governing body is ZORB limited and has many franchises across the world. The retailers are generally licensed professionals, and sell only to trained service providers.

Here are some general precautions one must take while zorbing:

Make sure you are firmly strapped in the zorb and no body part is loosely tethered. This will prevent any collapses of the body while zorbing.

Some of the fears while zorbing is: What if the safety harness breaks? or What if the ball spirals out of control? When zorbing is done with trained professionals, these dangers become more academic in nature, as they take enough precautions to avoid such incidents.

Typically, barriers are set in place so that you do not zorb into outer space. A few professionals are placed at both ends of the hill, to catch you when the ride is over.

Before you begin your ride, make sure the zorb does not have any air leaks, or is not punctured.

Pregnant women should not be allowed to zorb, and people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy etc. should avoid zorbing.

Also, people with a history of back, neck or head injuries or any physical limitation which restricts them from taking a safe ride, should not be permitted to play with Human Hamster Ball.

Get Outdoor Cardio with a Unique Twist

Exercising is an activity that people generally love, hate or have no choice in, which leads to a disgruntled view of it. While it is healthy and good for you there isn’t much room for creativity when you are on the treadmill staring at a TV screen or trying to bike up a steep incline with cars whizzing around you in traffic. The only way to keep on a routine exercise schedule is to be motivated and look forward to it every day which means that you have to make it fun and purposeful.

One of the newest ‘play toys’ on the market is the zorbing ball and this product is the ideal solution for all your exercising woes. It is big, unique, fun and can be customized so that you want to get in it every day and start working on your cardio while watching the pounds drop away. It is a 360 degree safe and secure ball that protects your body from injury while encouraging you to keep up so you don’t fall down.

Zorbing balls can be purchased online through qualified vendors that offer a warranty and kit repair in case something happens with the material. You can get a clear or colored ball or customize it and create exercise teams that race each other in a wide open field to add competition to the excitement. The possibilities are endless with this product as it comes in a range of options where feet are outside of the ball so that individuals become a soccer player that uses only the body with a large soccer ball at the center.

If you are tired of doing the same routines day in and day out then it is time to find something new and fun to keep you motivated and on track to your goal. Go online and check out the zorbing ball where you can take advantage of the great outdoors and play with friends or on your own and work up a sweat doing something that never gets boring. This product is recommended for children above a certain age and adults so that families can play together.

Outdoor Fun

Bubble soccer is a great way to spend outdoor family fun time. They are a ton of fun for family reunions, club picnics, or just for enjoying in the back yard. The game is simple. The players engage in a friendly game of soccer while wearing the special made Bubble suits. They run around bumping and bouncing into each other, falling and laughing the entire time they are playing. Imagine how much fun both kids and adults will have as they spin and bounce their way down the field chasing a little soccer ball and trying to score a goal.

The bubble soccer is a safe piece of equipment made from a special Plato PVC & Polyether material. The ball is shipped as a deflated product however, is easily inflated with the same tools you would inflate an air mattress with. The ball is bought with a one-year warranty and a free repair kit. The ball should be played with on level ground that is free from debris, sticks, and rocks. In addition, it should never be used in bad weather such as rain or high winds. If you’d like to have a family name or company logo printed on the side then that is also available.

Bubble soccer can be a lot of fun when used with safety in mind. Anyone who may have a medical condition should always consult their doctor before trying to play with the ball. In addition, children under seven years old and senior citizens should refrain from playing in the ball. Every time the ball is used it should be inspected to make sure that it is in complete working order. The handles should be attached and there should be no tears or holes. In addition, the ball should always be put away after it has been cleaned and dried. To prevent the development of mould, always dry before storing.

There is no doubt that fun is waiting for the group who plays bubble soccer.

When safety is considered and adult supervision is present, the ball can be a fun activity for many different events. Every family should have at least one bubble soccer ball to take to parties and picnics. This fun new device is affordable and perfect for an afternoon of laughter and delight.

A New Kind of Fun

A new invention has groups of people having a great time all day long. They are making a day of fun and play with an invention that has revolutionized the game of soccer. Bubble soccer is a super-fun game. It’s a twist on the game of soccer where the players are encased in a bubble made of a special kind of blown up plastic.

The game ensues with players bouncing into each other and spinning around. Players will trip and fall and bounce all the while running up and down the playing field. Everyone watching and playing will have a good laugh. If you are looking for a new way of getting the kids off of the couch and outside, think about purchasing a bubble soccer suit.

Your couch potato family will soon be begging you to take them to the park so they can run and play. Take the video camera because you are going to want to film this.

Bubble soccer is a great activity for healthy kids and adults. It should not be used by children under the age of seven or adults over 65 or anyone with a heart condition. If you question your health, it is better to be on the side of caution and speak with your physician to see if you are fit enough to participate.

It would, however, make a fun activity for an organization that works with youth on a daily basis. You can have the company logo imprinted onto the device. These balls are easily inflated with a standard pump or you can purchase one at the same time that you buy the bubble. The bubble should not be used during bad weather or high winds and proper safety measures should be adhered to. Adult supervision is always required when using the bubble. However, when used sensibly, bubble soccer can be a fun event for everyone. When it is time to put the bubble away, it should be clean and dry. It should also be stored in a cool dry place. The bubble comes with a one-year warranty and also a repair kit. When cared for properly, it should last a very long time.

Try this Bubble Soccer Game!

Bubble Soccer—a new trend of sport that suitable for adults and kids.

Have you ever been fed up with watching football match on TV? Have you ever felt sorry for some missing shoots and wished you were in the match to shoot for goals? No matter you are a football lover or a sports enthusiast,or even you rarely exercise, as long as you want a breakthrough in traditional football match, as long as you want to try to be a football player, you can contact us with our products—bubble soccer, which can give you a special and unforgettable experience that you can never get in the traditional football games.

Not like the traditional football, there are no specific demands on players when compared to traditional football. Players do not need to have excellent physical ability and skills. Anyone who is in good physical conditions can play this game. It is likely that most of us can not imagine what it’s bubble soccer like. Does it really a big bubble that enbrace the player? The answer is yes–each player wears a plastic bubble from thigh to head approximately five feet in diameter. The players’ hands are fixed in specific position inside the Bubble Football and only their legs outside. So they are unable to balance themselves easily. Players run towards opponents at full speed, try to knock each other out by bouncing into one another to get possession of the ball, but they rarely get hurt, they just kind of roll over. How interesting it is! Everyone is safe, because they’re inside a bubble, which can protect them from being hurt. And this is what the fun the game has, it’s frantic and violent, but not dangerous, so the kids can also play.

Bubble soccer is becoming a worldwide popular game. There’s no exact limitation for the players, both adults and children can play. If you’ve already been tired of the games that you’ve played and wanted to experience some interesting and special games , you should Try this Bubble Soccer Game! This game is particularly awesome for company team-building, parties and especially as an icebreaker at corporate retreats as it makes everyone laughing and vents tensions in a positive and enjoyable way.

Play Ball!

How much fun would a water walking ball be at your next party? Think about getting a ball for that summer bash or spring break celebration. A family pool party wouldn’t be complete without a walking ball. Think about how much fun the next bonfire at the pond will be with a ball like this. If you want to throw the party that everyone will be talking about all year long, shop for a water walking ball online. These hollow balls are newest craze in water entertainment.

A water walking ball is made of a special high strength polymer material which is inflated with a special pump. I is made to withstand body weight and walking. It is made with a special water proof zipper. Walking on water inside of an inflatable ball is a new found recreational activity that is also known to be good exercise. The water ball, however, is not good for young children or elderly adults. Although the ball is durable it should never be used with someone who has keys, a knife, or something sharp in their pocket, as it is only puncture resistant, not puncture proof.

After you shop for the water walking ball online, remember to follow all of the safety guidelines that are included in the packaging. The ball should never be used alone. Always have an adult supervisor present. Always use the rope tied to the shoreline.

Refrain from using the ball during a storm, windy weather, or currents. Always read the safety rules and guidelines to anyone who uses the ball. There are also special instructions for storing the ball. For instance, never store it wet or dirty and always dry the safety rope before storing. Storing the ball properly will ensure its durability, longevity, and safety for using over and again. When you shop for water walking ball online the game can be a lot of fun. It is used as an entertainment device for pool parties, backyard games, and the beach. These balls are the newest trend in water fun. Use the water ball in a safe way, follow all of the directions, store the ball properly, and everyone is sure to have a great time at your party.