Exercise with Olympic 2016

Recently, newspaper is all about Olympic in Rio. People talk about their favorite sports or athletes constantly. The 2016 Summer Olympics officially known as the Games of the XXXI Olympiad and commonly known as Rio 2016, is a major international multi-sport event in the tradition of the Olympic Games as governed by the International Olympic […]

Finding joy admits sorrow

Before Typhoon Nida came, government had warmed everybody to take it very seriously. It was said that Typhoon Nida was the strongest typhoon for the past few years. And its ability of destruction would be tremendous. Everybody was frightened and panic by the serious warning. Some of them even swept through the supermarket, which almost […]

Game Rule of Bubble Soccer

For someone who doesn’t know what bubble soccer is, here’s the simple explanation. Bubble soccer is huge inflated bubble ball which allows player to be inside with only legs sticking out. While the upper body and head is covered and protected by the bubble soccer which is safe and designed to absorb the impact from the […]

Get Outdoor Cardio with a Unique Twist

Exercising is an activity that people generally love, hate or have no choice in, which leads to a disgruntled view of it. While it is healthy and good for you there isn’t much room for creativity when you are on the treadmill staring at a TV screen or trying to bike up a steep incline […]

Outdoor Fun

Bubble soccer is a great way to spend outdoor family fun time. They are a ton of fun for family reunions, club picnics, or just for enjoying in the back yard. The game is simple. The players engage in a friendly game of soccer while wearing the special made Bubble suits. They run around bumping […]

A New Kind of Fun

A new invention has groups of people having a great time all day long. They are making a day of fun and play with an invention that has revolutionized the game of soccer. Bubble soccer is a super-fun game. It’s a twist on the game of soccer where the players are encased in a bubble […]

Try this Bubble Soccer Game!

Bubble Soccer—a new trend of sport that suitable for adults and kids. Have you ever been fed up with watching football match on TV? Have you ever felt sorry for some missing shoots and wished you were in the match to shoot for goals? No matter you are a football lover or a sports enthusiast,or […]